Thank You

Gizmo was put to sleep very unexpectedly after being ill for a day and a half, at the vets the blood work showed all his organs were failing, he was an old jack russell at sixteen and 8 months, but up to that point a very fit one. So when I realised he had to be put to sleep the last thing my shocked mind could cope with was did I want something for his ashes so I asked for individual cremation and a scatter tube. The next morning I realised I wanted something more for him so had a quick look online to see what was available, at this point I had no idea where Gizmo had been taken so after finding the idea of a wooden photo frame with separate sealed ashes compartment I emailed the vets who sprung into action and conta Treasured Friends who sorted everything out very quickly. I received Gizmos ashes in his photo frame today and on opening the box I found a small plaque with Gizmo’s name on it to stick to the frame, thank you it was such a nice touch and thank you for returning him so quick to me.