Thank You

My beloved Elliot sadly had to be put to sleep Saturday evening. Not wanting to leave my poor boy at the vets in a cold storage until the service the vet used come and collect him as he deserves better than that, I took him home and got in contact with treasured friends. Even though we didn’t get to them until 10.30pm as I personally wanted to pass him over to them, they stayed up waiting for us. No matter how late it got they let us take as long as we needed to say our goodbyes without rushing us. The lovely lady, assured us that Elliot would not leave her side and she be with him the whole time and would not be put in cold storage. I felt safe leaving my boy in their hands. The very next day the lovely lady personally brought Elliot to our home. For such a horrible day that I will never forget  Treasured Friends made me feel comfortable and understood what my family was going through. I couldn’t recommend them enough! Thank you so much for your patience and for bringing our Elliot home to us!