You were such a pretty girl. You were always anxious but even more after you lost your sight caused by diabetes. We didn’t know you were poorly until April 2021. You used to run like a whippet. You were so fast. We took you to the park so that you could run around. Your Dad threw the ball but you could not see it, that broke our hearts. We put a bell on your brother Freddys collar so that you knew where he was. But after dear Freddy passed away you were lost without him. You were going for a walk with me but you were not happy. You kept stopping to sleep. You have both had some great holidays with us we never left you in kennels you came everywhere with us. We decided when we picked you both up we would not put you in kennels you would always be  by our side. Roxy misses you lots Pepsy and it has only been 24 hours. You tolerated her because she wanted to play with you but she couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t play. She has been very quiet today. She has only been here 3 weeks and she loved you already We will miss you every single day and we will love you both until we meet again. Take care of one another. Love and hugs Mummy, Daddy and Roxy xxxxx