Thank you for taking care of my baby, Peppers casket is beautiful just like her. My sweet little girl was tiny with the heart the size of the universe. So kind and gentle. Her love knew no boundaries and showed me what pure unconditional love was. It was a privilege to be your mum. You was my best friend, my healer, my laughter, my soulmate. The best little sister to Bella. You had super powers peppy peps. We loved you more than words could ever describe. We will think of you everyday and think how lucky we was to have a love like yours. We will miss you so much and your funny ways. You filled our lives with more love than we could have ever wished for. You were incredible. Be at rest now my little fighter. My small but mighty peps. Love you monkeypea, your mumma, grandad, nanny, pheebs and Bella xxxxx