Decorum and Compassion

Please thank all of your team for the way you have conducted yourselves at this awful time.

Lottie was my first ever dog and much loved. We are heartbroken without her, even though we knew the fateful day was coming.

We are so grateful that you took charge, fetched Lottie from Briar house, cremated her and brought her home to Canterbury.

Everything has been done with decorum and compassion.

Nothing could have prepared us for this onslaught of grief which has incapacitated us. For everyone she met, Lottie was pure unconditional love, pure joy.

Even though Lottie had been unable to see, to hear, to walk, and her heart was weak for some time, Lottie never complained. She never growled and she didn’t even bark.

It has been very comforting to know that she was in safe hands.