Brown Chickie

Our beautiful, fluffy, little chickpea; we loved you so much and we always will do. Nothing can describe the emptiness and sadness we feel without you here. You changed our lives for the better and brought us happiness, comfort and love which we hope we gave to you in return. You braved through so much without complaint and never made us feel anything but love for you. We will always remember your soft, brown, baby feathers and the pitter patter of your feet in the morning. We will remember your cuteness, your placidness, and the way you made us want to give up our whole lives for you. The pain we feel now will never fade, but knowing you are at peace with all your sisters brings us comfort. You are no longer suffering.We will never forget you, chick, and we will keep on loving you until we meet again when we will hold you and kiss you and tell you just how important and loved you are and always will be.We love you, little chick. Now and forever xxx