Our Girl Bella
17.10.2012 – 11.04.2024

Our walks got shorter
Your eyes grew dimmer,
Hopes had faded
All gone the glimmer.
You weren’t yourself
Our girl was leaving,
And now our broken hearts
Are grieving.
For today we watched
Through misty eyes,
You slip away
With kissed goodbyes.
Deeply loved
By all you touched,
Near or far
And oh so much!
Our thoughts of you
Will come and go,
For grief’s a tide
Which ebbs and flows.
We’ll miss the tip tap
Of your paws,
And greeting
As we opened doors.
The little games
The “stolen” stuff,
The Spaniel nose
And Beagle Woof!
For unconditional
Was your love,
And now to play
With friends above.
Bake bean Bertie
Murphy too,
The best of friends
The three of you.
Run free, run wild
And have your fun,
Go with love
From everyone.